My daughter in ballet class. 2014

I think I want to be a photo journalist when I grow up!

I have a love for photography. I enjoy taking photos, looking at them, studying them and talking about them. They are such a grand visual record of the past. I worked in a photography lab while in for a college work study program at TWU for a few semesters. It gave me the hands on and up close experience of the photography lab that seems to be a skill of the past with the progression of digital photography. My appreciation for photography began while I was younger. I loved looking through old photos that my grandmother had accumulated. While in college, I took a History of Photography class that provided an in depth look at the impact photography has had on society that deepened my appreciation for photography and I wanted to explore it. I took all the art history classes focused on photography that I could.  I started a photography blog (Life in Light) in 2007 for a hobby. Since then I have moved the blog over to which includes more than photography.  I’ve also created my own photo book from my photo blog and writings. It was amazing to hold in my hands. My goal is to create one to have as a coffee table book for sale one day.