Tawanna Cullen
Well Hey There! Honestly I’m challenged in writing bios, so lets see… Um let’s start with my Manifesto! Yes that’s a great start…

My Manifesto:
Graphic Design is the visual force behind great design. Everything created by man is first visualized. – Tawanna Cullen

Great designers are always creating, imagining, learning, inspiring, and lending their creative ideas to the world around them.  One of the greatest lessons I learned early on in the design career field, is everyone is created to be unique which gives them their very own opinion about design. We are all individuals with unique preferences. It is our bent in life to prefer certain design styles, colors, layouts and so forth, this variety lends some what of an enchanting unpredictable nature to design projects for clients. I enjoy various design projects that come to me because it reveals the beauty in communication, as well as the need and desire of creativity.

I began my passion of the Arts after watching my sister draw for her art classes. She was the first person that I admired with artistic talent. I credit her for opening up the door to creative possibilities that made me want to explore the field of graphic design. I admired from a far, well being her “annoying little sister” maybe not so far. Years later I got the nerve to take my first art class in high school. It shed more light on my passion and appreciation for technology, detail, color, layout, and creativity. I do have to thank my high school art teacher, Ms. Heathington who nurtured the artist in me. She’s passed away, but her influence on her students live on. I eventually graduated from UMSL. My goal as a graphic designer came to me while I was in an Advertising Design class. During a lecture one of my instructors mentioned a design project for an event that turned out to be so successful that people were taking the print materials for themselves. This became my goal, “to design for keeps.” My desire is to design projects that are visually appealing enough that people will want to keep it.

So why am I freelancing? I decided to freelance full time in the early 2000’s because of my desire to stay home with my children and continue to design.  I describe myself as a terribly introverted, artsy, computer geek, domestic mother and wife. I guess in short I’m a bit off beat.  I’m married to a wonderfully intelligent English man and I am a mother to five amazing children with incredible artistic talents themselves. Although I was born in Texas, and my husband in England, we reside in the wonderful sunny Southern California area. Our family life is quite interesting. Along with my creative side, I enjoy my family, coffee with friends, photography, sewing, learning and traveling. I enjoy a good laugh daily. I believe attitude is a huge part of success and genuine joy. Being good to others and enjoy life.